This website is a large scale machine learning experiment running on GPUs and making use of deep learning. Relying on user comments from Reddit, I built a neural network model that predicts how likely a comment from financial subreddits is bullish / bearish or without sentiment (none). This model can also be used to get a real-time "pulse" on the market, by applying it to every new stock market related comment.

The model isn't perfect yet and also makes miscassifications. This is why I need your help: please give your feedback to the automatic predictions by clicking on the sentiment labels (the bullish / bearish / none boxes). This opens a feedback menu, where you can provide your judgement whether a comment is bullish, bearish or without market sentiment to the stock market overall.

Finally, many thanks go out to Reddit user stuck_in_the_matrix, who scraped nearly all available Reddit comments and put them on archive.org.

*Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Any market comments shown on this website are solely personal opinions of the respective authors. Don't blame me if anything bad happens to you if you read that garbarge. The sentiment classification on these comments is automatic and not always correct. Please use the feedack buttons if you want to help make it better. Your feedback will be saved in an anonymized form to allow further training and processing. No warranty and liability, access to this website is provided as is. Thank you for playing. Insert coin to continue. Manage cookies. Privacy policy.